Providing industry leading techniques.

Knowing how, when, and why to make changes to the canopies of our urban forest require extensive education, experience, and equipment that Lundin Tree has available to provide your trees with the best care.

Young Tree Pruning

Each tree presents its own form and presence. We strive to tailor every cut we make to each scenario. Tree species, surroundings, and age all contribute to different outcomes and goals of a prune. Training or structural pruning – helps to establish a strong central leader, and avoid poor branch attachments.

Established Trees

Removing deadwood for safety, or for risk of injuring live tissue upon failure. Also, the tree will have a smaller area to grow around with a proper pruning cut.

Structural cuts help to mitigate risk of failure, and to encourage the tree to put more energy into growing properly.

Mature Trees

We want to see your tree live a long and happy life. Pruning helps to maintain a healthy tree.  If needed, we reduce overextending branches and laterals, (branches or large leads of the tree may seem lanky with growth on the end, but no interior) which reduces the risk of failure significantly.

Storm Damage Clean Up

This may be the most technical part of tree work.  Trees can be lodged in another tree, and often there needs to be extra support on the remaining canopy.  Work must be carefully executed, and we understand the physical forces involved for a safe and efficient removal of the hazard. We have the proper tools and equipment to take care of any rigging scenario!

Cabling and Bracing

When necessary, support systems will help hold a cracking limb, or support the limbs from moving independently and failing under extreme circumstances.  This is important for a tree that has a poor attachment, co dominant leaders, decay, or has been affected by storm damage.

Tree Removal

Minimal impact equipment – alongside accomplished climbers, with experience to carefully plan and coordinate, often leaves no trace after a removal.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Machinery and equipment to get debris moved so you can mow the lawn, plant a garden, or plant a replacement tree!

Tree Planting

We offer professional tree planting, to ensure you will have a long lasting specimen. Too often we see trees planted improperly that end up with girdling roots, which sometimes can cause irreversible damage to the trunk.

Mulching (adding wood chips) around the base of the trees will help with moisture control, and as the mulch breaks down, provide nutrients the tree can use to stay healthy!

Tree Preservation Consulting

Our goal is to accomplish what you need on your property while saving the tree! Can we make it safer and solve the problem without having to remove the tree? Often times the answer is yes! We’ll help provide the right information for you to make the best decision for your tree.

Why choose LundinTree?

“Cameron and his team were competent, professional and highly skilled. We were pleased with the efficient way they removed 13 dead trees in our yard. They also cabled a large tree that had cracked in an effort to save it. We highly recommend them!”

– Michele Garey