Trees are our passion.

Trees are our way of life, both on and off the job site. Lundin Tree is focused on growing relationships with trees, their landscapes, and the communities they inhabit.

We care about your trees.

We provide industry leading techniques to care for your trees and your property in Madison, WI & surrounding areas. Cameron Lundin and Kelsey Ziegler are International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, as well as members of the ISA and Wisconsin Arborist Association.

Whether removing a large tree or artfully training a small tree prune, we will always complete the job in a safe, professional manner, adhering to the latest safety and pruning standards for our industry.

A true tree preservation company.

Our arborists can take a dangerous tree and make it safe, and remove trees that need to be taken out. When we need to do a tree removal, we respect the property, surrounding trees, and passersby in a safe, efficient manner with minimal impact.

Longevity, beauty, and coexistence is paramount when working with urban trees.

Why choose LundinTree?

Not only are we world class climbers, but we focus on getting the job done safely and efficiently. We have invested in some of the best equipment in the industry, offering an extremely low impact to your current landscaping. We proudly serve Madison, WI & surrounding areas.